Motors jammed

we launched a printing some days ago in the afternoon and the morning, when we come back in office, we found an error message on display of form2 (motors jammed).

The printing was not finished and we found a lot of resin on the cover and in other parts outside of tank. Moreover, we found that orange cover is broken

What can it be happened?

Moreover, now it is not possible to use the machine since the build platform is blocked, even if we launch a printing the tank and laser work as normal (as they are making the parts…) and also display shows the number of layer they are making….

How we can do to re-use the machine?

Which would be the cause of this situation?

We contacted support several days ago but they still not give us a solution!

pictures - hopefully you took lots of pictures exactly as you found it. these would be very helpful to determine what may have gone wrong.

post the pictures you have.

That’s what a warranty is for. The printer is new, contact FL, you will need their help to fix this.

Hi again. Unfortunately support keeps to suggest very basic tips, like factory reset. We’re really disappointed about technical assistance.
We’ve just installed new firmware too.
Here some photos.

How did the flip-up cover get cracked? By the resin tray moving? Seems to me that the resin tray must not have been mounted correctly on the printer. Somehow it was positioned too far to the right. That would probably explain the splashed resin and print failure. Remove the tray and look at it carefully to make sure you understand how it attaches to the printer, and then reattach it… the crack in the cover won’t hurt anything, but you may need to use a new resin tray and not the one that caused the damage.

Resin tray has been positioned in the right way. We checked the tray path and there is no way it could touch the cover. Further the printing failed after 4-5 hours, so we really don’t think that the problem was about the tray,

Looks like the cover came down hard. it’s possible some internal stresses amplified it.

  • how did resin get splashed all over?
  • did a half finished part come loose from the platform mid-print?

Hi. We thought cover came down hard but it is not possible, if you’ll try you’ll realize that it closes softly.
We don’t know how resin splashes around, pieces were all on the build platform. We just launched a printing and the next morning we found this mess.
Ps. A week has gone away and support is not able to help us, except for basic tips. Yesterday they told us to remove cover and check motors pins. We bought it to work with and not to work on. Support is definitely not satisfying.

That is definitely quotable…

What does the surface of the PDMS look like? Is it damaged at all?

The thought I had was that the part was semi-complete but it came loose from the platform and fell into the tank. The movement of the tank rolled the part, compressing it up against the platform, possibly snapping part of it which threw resin against the back wall, and maybe a piece smashed into the corner of the cover, cracking it. Something had enough energy to crack the cover. Either it was a flying part, some weird internal stress, or could frustration have played a role here? :wink:

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