Had an error message on the FORM 2 that build plate jammed

I had a job running on my Form 2 overnight. This morning I discovered a message on the LCD screen that the build plate was jammed and to remove the obstruction.

I opened the cover and could find nothing a miss so I told it to ignore the error and continue. It’s running fine right now.

Must have been tired from running at night and just needed a rest! Anyone else had this issue?

It was the resin tray. It was at the end of life. Parts had started to stick to it so when the build plate tried to rise it couldn’t so it created an error situation. Must have freed it self after a while and the reason I didn’t notice. But over half the parts where useless having not printed about half way through.
I found particles of resin stuck to the tray bottom and on cleaning and draining I found that the clear window was starting to fog. Best to replace it. I did that and filtered the resin before pouring back in.
Should be good to go now.

Hmmm… the peel cycle moves the resin tray right, first, before it attempts to lift the build plate. I know because one of the problems I’ve had with Tough has been that, when printing large parts the initial “slide” part of the peel has trouble. The resin tray moves right and snaps back repeatedly. I’ve seen it go through as many as 10 attempts before succeeding in breaking the print free. It only attempts to lift the build plate afterwards. I assume there are a limited number of retries and if it can’t get the resin tray to slide right it will quit with a message specific to that condition. I’m guessing, since I don’t know, but I would think a “build plate jammed” error could not be due to a part sticking to the PDMS, that should produce a “resin tray jammed” error of some sort… keep an eye on it, it may not be fixed.

New resin tray and it’s running just fine. We’ll see after a liter or two of resin. Just hated the waste as I only got about 20% of the parts worth selling.

As @Randy_Cohen mentioned, there are two causes we see most often for this.

If parts are over-adhering to the PDMS, that can prevent the printer from peeling and if it fails to peel after a given amount of time, it will throw the motors jammed error.

More commonly, if a large section of a part falls into the tank, the wiper will collide with the part and be unable to complete the full wipe movement. This will also show the motors jammed error.

If you’re not seeing any parts in your tank, it might be worth making sure that things aren’t over-adhering and your Z offset isn’t a bit too low. Otherwise, if this reoccurs you should get in touch with our support team so that we can help troubleshoot with you.

The print finally finished but with quite a few parts not complete. On examining the tank I found layers stuck to the PDMS and I removed them, filtered the resin and replaced the tank as it was at it’s life end.

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