Motors Jammed and Resin Sensor Errors

Form2 with blue Tough resin. The resin tank has had 7 prints run, including the 2 aborted prints.

I’m guessing the initial problem is that my print failed to peel. The platform attempted to lift and the machine made loud popping sounds. Then the wiper tried to wipe and ran into the build platform. More angry mechanical sounds.

First error is Motors Jammed. If I click Ignore, it will happen once or twice more, then I’ll get a Resin Sensor Error, asking me to check for sensor contamination or try reseating the tank. Nothing works after this. It returns to this error until I abort the print.

This is the second consecutive print that I’ve aborted with this issue after three of the same or similar prints were successful. The layer it was on had a lot of surface area on both failed prints. I will try to avoid this in the future.

My question: Is there a way to rescue a print that has failed to peel? I thought I might’ve done this by popping the tank off sideways then replacing it. How do I get around the Resin Sensor Error?


Matt Moore

Are you able to post a screenshot of the print in Preform ? Peel fails aren’t so common and usually can be solved by properly orienting or designing (in extreme cases) the parts.

As for recovering, if the printer can’t peel on its own it’s unlikely. You could open the lid, release the BP latch, release the wiper and try to take off the tank… then peel by hand, put everything back in place any prey everything is still aligned when you resume the print but TBH I very much doubt that would work and would only do that in extreme cases.

This is two parts being printed together. The jams happened in the first couple of layers past the lattice. Lots of surface area, and I’ll try to avoid that in the future.

the bottom and top of those parts look parallel to the platform.

that’s never good.

angle those parts on the peel axis as much as you can… even just a few degrees makes a huge difference.

Avoiding large cross section area is a good idea, however it isn’t THAT big in your print, honestly I’m surprised the printer didn’t manage to peel.

I have printed Gey Pro parts higher than this with bigger cross section area and printed directly on the BP so lost of faces parallel to the build platform. Not saying this is a good idea (it’s NOT), it was a risky print but it was the only solution to print this specific part in one piece. Worked well, even though at around 160mm there were about 100 layers with easily twice the surface area you are showing here.

The only difference I see here is the resin, maybe Grey Pro is more stiff before post-curing and maybe your part “bent” a little during the peel… still strange that is didn’t work.

I agree with @Sculptingman though that since you could have angled the parts, you should have done so, it would have reduced cross section area at the end of the print.

Thank you all for your input. Just finished printing the smaller one by itself successfully.

I’d like to print both at once, as the two-piece print had a 24 hour run time and the single takes 15 by itself. But right now I need success more than efficiency. Would like to have both though.

I’d also really like to be able to recover from the point of Motors Jammed.

@JohnHue, I think your onto something with the resin. This blue Tough stuff is . . . well, tough. Like badly-scratch-the-build-plate-to-free-the-part tough. I can understand it curing to the tank. Just wish it didn’t.

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