More unsubstanciated error messages

After the “No vat” and “No cartridge”, here’s the new paranoid sensor warning of the day :

What makes that even more silly is that the print had been running for hours before I got this message.
After ignoring the message, I was able to resume the print which by chance succeeded.

Glad to hear the print finished for you successfully. The motors jammed error is usually thrown when the wiper isn’t able to reach the end of the tank. Most often, this is caused by part of a print that’s detached from the build platform and is blocking the wiper. Is it possible that this was the case here? It might be worth running the scraper through the tank to ensure that there’s not any rogue cured resin hiding about.

Ok, there might have been a loose fragment in there.
Now, on a new print, I get a first message stating that “there might not be enough resin in the cartridge to complete the print”.
So I press " Continue" (or something like that), and now I have a message stating that the resin tank is too full, and that I should remove some material !

So… too little or too much resin ???

And how on earth could there be too much resin in the vat since it is dispensed by the hight tech, sensor equipped, proprietary resin cartridge ??
After some time, the F2 decided to start printing anyways.

So then, what should I do if the print doesnt start ? Use a syringe to take resin from the vat and poor it back in the cartridge ?

I’ve encountered a few overfilled tanks and they can be a bit tedious to correct. Although the cartridge dispense is pretty precise, it can sometimes get heavy handed and dispense a bit too much resin into the tank. I use a large bore syringe to remove resin from the tank and place it back in the cartridge. Happy to hear that it seems to have resolved itself and let me know if it continues to be an issue in the future.

The ‘there might not be enough Resin error’ is designed to be especially conservative. If the resin in the cartridge alone isn’t sufficient to complete the print, that error will be thrown. We’ve made it conservative so that users can be confident in the completion of a print. In many cases, even when that error is thrown, the print will still finish successfully without issue.

OK, now I’m having long “sensing resin” pauses.
Using tough resin, and the cartridge is empty, but the tank contains enough resin to go through the print.

All these sensor issues remind me of some anti-virus software.
They are supposed to protect you, but they screw with all your software and system to a point you’d rather have a virus !

<and the cartridge is empty,>

That’s you problem. put a new cartridge in that the messages will go away - not exactly rocket science here.

Hi Bill,

The “Strong” resin costs an arm and a leg.
Since I have enough resin in the tank to complete my part, and I don’t plan to do more prints with “tough” at present, I feel that the printer should just go ahead and print the goddam part without all the nagging.
The print finaly resumed and completed, but the pause induced a clearly visible ridge on my part.

In many cases, it can be important to pause the print when a cartridge empties but I could see how it would be a bit cumbersome here. After the cartridge has emptied, you’ll be able to continue the print using only the resin in the tank.

Literally in this predicament now… I have had a 2nd attempt large print fail, wasted like all of my newly ordered cartridge and now my third attempt stops 800 layers from finishing even though the tank is full… Oh and on my first attempt the printer decided to overflow itself with the new resin install which caused the orange cover to crack and waste the new resin I specially ordered for the job that is paused.

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