Motor jammed

I am getting a motor jammed error for the wiper. I have no obstructions and have cleared and changed the tank. the wiper can not travel all the way to the left of the tank. I switched to open mode to disable the wiper and that seams to work, the print is working well.
How do I check the gears for an obstruction? What other steps are there to solve this problem? This happened on the first print after a firmware update, could this be related?

I have a Form 2, have printed about 15L of resin in the last 2 years.

Did anyone help or how did you overcome this problem?

Got the same issiues(form2 /surgical guide S1) , looks like particals are gelling in the liquid inside the tank blocking th wiper over time as they build up!
Tried a new tank and a new cartridge to no availl, then rememberd that i updated just before the troubles began !
started an older software version of the preform software hope that fixes it …

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goodluck let me know how it goes

Hi @CoastalDental and @ttl_donckers,

Apologies for the late reply, but if you haven’t already opened a ticket with our Support Team, they should be able to help you out!