Motors Jammed, Wiper hits build

Getting Motors Jammed error because the wiper is hitting the build on the build plate. The build plate doesn’t raise up far enough before the wiper moves and the wiper strikes the build on the build plate. I have completed the same part on two different prints with different materials to just rule out bad data sent to the printer. Still have the same issue. Also different build plates and different tanks. I can move objects away from the edge of the build plate and it fixes the issue, but that is putting a bandage on the issue.

What could cause this… seems like a software issue to me.

Also, the build platform is very close to contacting the wiper in the first 30 or something layers, when it comes down to meet the tank.


Failure happens at 87 layers. Odd that it happens at 87? Does the build plate raise less or slower at this point…or wiper arm move sooner?

Working on a test with an old version of Preform and the same part to see if it has anything to do with the last Preform update. Only thing that has changed, that I can think of.

Old version of Preform works just fine. Build platform lifts up before wiper moves. Will this issue be fixed and an update sent out?


I’ve had the same issue occur. 1hr57m into a 24hr+ print. Wiper was colliding into the supports and the machine paused with the motor jam error. I had just updated the Preform software day before.
Does formlabs keep the previous build of preform available? (I guess I should save that old build instead of replacing it.)


Mine does exactly the same after the last update I think it’s a software problem formlabs needs to rectify immediately please


I submitted a support request just now. Was hoping they would just comment on here that they are working on it, but no luck. It is good to know I’m not the only one with this issue after updating the PreForm software. Hope they fix this yesterday!!!

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You can try installing the latest version of Preform, released today.

According to the release notes: “Fixed an issue which caused motor jams on some Form 2 prints. This update is recommended for all Form 2 users.”

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Yeah ,i have the same problem print stops halfway printing motor jammed ,it looks like some of the printing liquid is gelling inside the tank ! ,blocking the wiper after 40 minutes in to the print !
with all problems reseating the tank ,sensing errors ,even replaced the tank for a new one ,lost about 1/2 a cartrigde worth of surgical guide resin;(

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Hey guys what i read turn machine off and unplug and replug and as starting hold button in to restore to factory settings im printing now so far so good

Indeed running an older version of the software fixes the problem too!!

I reloaded the 3.23.1 build of preform and ran the print again. Appears to work as I’m 20 hrs into my print.
I’ll check out the new preform build after this print finishes.
(Kinda lame that their software bug costs me $ in resin though. Boo to that. Yay to everyone helping fix the issue.)

I have a print running with the latest version of the Preform software. so far so good, past failures were at layer 87…I’m at 37.

I’m running the most recent Preform and updated Form 2 Firmware, and just witnessed the wiper smash into the part (layer 807/1302) - so they have obviously not fixed all the bugs yet - please find them!!

I have not updated to the latest software as I’m now hesitant to make any changes that are pushed over. I just completed a 1418 layer print and worked great. Using the 3.19.1 version.

And it just jammed again on layer 954/1302

It’s only smacking into one part on the build platform, which i expect is a total loss, but the others look ok.

@Formlabs - I would much rather my prints take a few seconds longer per layer so the build platform can move out of the way before the wiper moves.

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I was just contacted by Formlabs support. Just wanted to note, if you update to the latest, 3.24.1, you also need to update the file you are sending to the printer. If you used a file that was saved in the version with the bug it will remain.

Another motor jam today layer 420/881 occurs at 4am, effectively turning a 5 hour print into a 9 hour print (fortunately the print looks like it will survive). Please issue another software update to stop this from happening!!

this is now jamming every print, and causing complete failures. what could be causing this issue? is something wrong with an encoder somewhere?

My FL3 was getting a motor jam while initializing and when filling the tank. FL techs diagnosed it as a failing LPU cable. They sent me a new one (more flexible than the original) and I’m back to full operations. Yours may be intermittently going out. It was an easy swap of the LPU cable.

I’m still getting motor-jammed error messages, now usually around 697 layers. Just had one at 70. This really needs to be fixed. I have a missed shipment now because of a print that stopped for no reason in the middle of the night.