Build Plate Catching Wiper Slightly

Hi everyone. So I saw a similar thread on this problem from 2016 but there was never a definitive “this was my solution” answer.

I noticed that in the early stages of a print, my build plate bumps the wiper ever so slightly when coming down. I don’t think this is supposed to happen and would like to know what the proper fix is.

In the previous thread someone mentioned fine tuning the Z Offset value of the build platform but no one ever followed up to confirm if that was the issue.


Hello @anthonysrivero,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! It’s tough to say for sure without seeing a video, but that definitely doesn’t sound like expected behavior for the motor movements in the Form 2.

Typically we would expect the wiper to be totally out of the way along the right side of the resin tank(looking at the front of the printer) when the Build Platform makes it down to the bottom of its travel. Does it look like the wiper isn’t making it as far over to the right as it should during between each layer?

Thanks for the reply. I’ll link you to a video of what’s happening.

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