Slow moving wiper arm (v1.20.9)

So this happened again yesterday, though this time only once.

I changed from 0.1 → 0.05mm layer height and printed the same model, I went to check on it after some layers, maybe 15 or so just to see the wiper moving really slow, though still sitting as it should (not knocked off from the magnets). The next cycle it was back at full speed.

In firmware v1.20.5 this also happened several times and with that version I was unable to print anything.

The print had failed - nothing was on the build plate so I aborted, cleaned everything and tried again and that time it worked.

I’m not sure the slow moving wiper arm is related to the failure or even some unexpected, but though I should report it just in case.

If it’s an expected behavior I would be interested to know how and why it happens.

Printed on an F3B+ with Tough 1500.

Hi Reine,

I am not 100% sure on what could be going on - have you had a chance to create a support case with the support team yet? A video of this behavior (I know you mentioned in another thread that you will try to take a video of a potentially different issue so apologies if it sounds like we are repeating ourselves), along with the logs and form file of that Form 3B+ experiencing this behavior will help give the team more information to help ascertain what is going on if this is intentional or not.

I don’t want to bother support with this as I’m not even sure it’s a problem. If it happens again and I have my phone ready I will for sure take a video and upload.

Someone at the firmware team should know if there is any build in function that can slow down the wiper arm movement. Maybe there is some sort of mechanism that could trigger in certain cases?

Hi @Reine,

Understood, no problem. Thank you for flagging this for us. I know the mixer can move slowly at the start of a print to better check for obstructions in the resin tank and on the build platform. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened more than once during the early print layers. This may not be a problem (as you mentioned), but if any print failures persist, our Support team can help you narrow them down.