Mixer arm not moving while printing

Hello, I’m kind of worried. I don’t know whether it’s a real problem, but today I started using a brand new cartridge of Black v4 (with a new tank) and noticed that the mixer arm doesn’t wipe the resin during the whole print. This is the first time I experience this situation. In the past, I have only used Grey and Tough 1500 resins, thus I don’t know whether this is a particular feature of Black resin. I know the mixer arm and the mixer coupler work properly, as the tank preparation didn’t prompt any problem. Indeed, the arm was moving correctly during the whole time the printer took to fill the tank, which was about an hour (since the tank was new). I’m printing at 0.05mm thickness and, as long as I could stay next to the printer (i.e., for about the first 700 layers), the mixer didn’t move at all. The print is estimated to take 24 hours. I did an estimation of the remaining time by measuring the time elapsed during the whole cycle of one layer, and I noticed that the time remaining estimated by the printer is very close to my estimate. Thus, everything seems to work properly. Has anyone experienced this “issue” as well? Thank!

We’re having this exact issue too. The wiper moves perfectly fine when the tank is filling before the print, but during the print it doesn’t pass beneath the platform. Not once. It raises as if it’s going to move but doesn’t.

The only reason I haven’t contacted support about it is because our prints are otherwise completely successful and I’d rather not jeopardise that!

As in your case, my prints are succesful. I think it’s probably a normal behavior that comes with the latest firmware. However, I decided to ask FL technical support. I’ll keep you posted when I receive a reply.

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Hi, I am having the same issue. We are using mainly Durable and High Temp resins and after a build from High Temp affected by bubbles I noticed the mixer is not moving during the build at all. I went as far as downloading the old firmwares 1.9.5, 1.8.3 and even 1.5.16 and nothing changed at all, moving only when filling.
I just started the build from Durable and noticed the mixer is working normally during the build, so I assume it is only the matter of some materials.