3L Resin Tank Wiper issues

Hello all
New to the Form 3L as we just received one at work and I’m in charge of using it. I noticed that in the setup description it says to install the tank mixer into the resin tank and it should magnetically stick to the right. Mine doesn’t have any form of magnetic attraction to keep it to the right. While printing the mixer keeps sliding between the printing bed and the mixing tray causing the bed to not lower into the resin. Has anyone encountered this? I take it this isn’t normal that the mixer just floats around the resin when not being cycled back and forth…?

Thanks all!

I recommend contacting support ASAP, they should be able to help troubleshoot. This issue is not uncommon. In the meantime, I would verify that the tank is properly seated in the machine, and the mixer itself is installed correctly (not upside down).

what material are you printing with?


Thank you - I reached out to support and they said it’s possible that that tank is defective or something. I am trying to print with Draft V2 Resin. I was trying to do a 1" calibration cube, and then a little plane with supports was my second attempt.

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Hi @Jasonlee2 ,

Thank you for reaching out to the forums! @jdrews was right that you should contact our Support Team so that we can verify if this is a tank issue or a mixer arm issue and quickly get you a replacement as needed.

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Yeah we had this once and support got us a replacement tray that solved the problem - as far as we could tell, one of the parts was out of spec which caused the magnets to be a little too far away and not grip tightly enough. At least, that was our theory.

The last three tanks I have have wiper issues. The magnet doesn’t seem strong enough to hold the wiper. Just got a new tank today…when I use it hope they have the issue fixed.

I order 10 resin trays at a time and once I get it I immediately take them out and inspect the wipers to make sure they stick on the side strongly. After the first issue I have only found one other one with the same issue. I received a replacement within a week or two. I’m about to place an order for 10 more V3 tanks so we shall see how they stack up against the V2 tanks.