HELP! Mixer problem

Hello people!

I have just installed my new Form 3, but there are some problems (I think with the mixer). I have followed the instructions carefully and done a firmware update but the problem remains. As soon as the mixer goes to the right it looks like it is going too far and then it comes loose from the magnet and then it pops up from the magnet. And as soon as the laser underneath goes to the left again, the magnet does take the mixer back, but as soon as it is completely to the left, it is stuck to the tank and the magnet no longer takes the mixer with him, after that I get error message.


I think you will find the answer in the forum. I might have read a post about it; the mixer arm not thoroughly clicked in place or sth like that. Good Luck!

Hey Stefan!

The best thing to do if you’re still having issues is to get in touch with our support team here. They’d be happy to lend a hand as efficiently as possible. :slight_smile:

I had this exact issue. I contacted support and they replaced my tank and mixer arm after I sent videos of it happening, and the issue was resolved. You may also find that if this is happening in a “dry” tank, that adding a little resin in will likely help. When I added in resin the mixer arm was more likely to stay seated where it belonged. However even after adding in some resin my mixer arm was still acting up, particularly after a print was finished, thus why my tank was replaced.