Build Plate catching on wiper

I noticed some resin marks on the inside of the orange cover and was confused as to where they came from, I have since noticed that during the early print stages, the build plate is catching the wiper on its ‘down’ motion, this is causing the wiper to flick resin out of the vat and onto the interior walls of the form2 orange hood. Has anyone else experienced this? I have concerns that over time this could damage the printer, as well as cause issues with prints.

I have not. But I did notice that engaging the wiper in to it’s holder can be a little tricky. Are you sure you have the wiper properly slotted in to its slot?

Never had that issue

The wiper is fitted correctly as far as I can make out. As the print progressed the build plate was catching it but it was’nt flipping it, more like pushing it into the pdms. Not good for motors, pdms or print.

The printer’s Z reference needs to be adjusted I expect. There’s a knob in the “fine tuning” in PreForm to do it. But I’d open a ticket with FL if you haven’t already, before messing with it…

I don’t think so, whilst the wiper is fitted correctly in its socket, I’m not convinced its moving straight - the build plate is only catching is edge ever so slightly. I’m going to try putting an old wiper in and Dr of that makes any difference.

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