Resin Splashes on the Inside

Hey Everyone I have a little problem or lets say question. Is it normal to have some resin Splashes on the inside of the Form 2 like on the Orange acrylic hood or the black sheet metal from the cartridge holder ? Is this because of the wiper and is it an error or should I just wipe it of and ignore it ?

I believe these aren’t splashes. It happened to my printer to have small drops like these stuck on the inside of the acrylic cover. I noticed that when I clean the cover with a cloth it produces static electricity and it “pulls” tiny droplets of resin.

Solution? Don’t clean the acrylic cover with regular clothes. Use some ant-static material to clean with (Do NOT use liquids or solutions that could damage the cover, consult Formlabs before you use anything you’re not 100% sure of)

That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Something would have to generate tiny droplets in the first place, and static electricity strong enough to ”pull them in” from the vat area would have to be powered by a sizable Van de Graaff generator.

I dont know where they come from because I watched the printer and dont see tiny droplets that came from the wiper, but will they damage the hood over time ?

Don’t think they should. The vat is acrylic too.

I just had an idea, could the splashes come from popping air bubbles because sometimes some air bubbles in the resin pop and they could create the droplets right ?

That might be it.
Especially if the wiper crams all the bubbles up the side of the vat.

I haven’t seen droplets like these before and I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team so that we can look into the cause with you. Resin can weaken the cover and eventually lead to cracking. IPA will do the same so it’s important to avoid using solvents on the cover. Cleaning this with towels and something inert like water is often the best option.

Ok but I just got the printer back from your support 2 or 3 months ago because of the cardridge detection system and they said they fixed everything and the only thin I can imagine is that the droplets come from bubbles that pops. Did I have to send it in again then ? Because I cant wait full 4 weeks again until I got my printer back.

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