Form2 shot resin all over the cover wall and down into some sort of drain to nowhere

I saw it happen. Wiper wiped and material flew all over the place. How do I clean this up? Where does the material go when it goes down that drain towards the front left?


Contact support, they can help you to open up the printer correctly to make sure that resin hasn’t gotten onto parts inside that could cause printer issues.
Did the resin level go above the marker on the tray? Any idea what would have caused the resin to splash out of the tray? If you have a print failure it could cure a chunk of resin on the bottom of the tray which could make the wiper jump when it goes across it which could cause splashes.
If it’s dispensing too much resin above the fill line then you may have a faulty resin cartridge valve.

I’ve gotten in touch with our support team and one of our members will be in touch with you over email to help get this cleaned up. The drain you’re noticing is in place to protect the interior of the printer from spills like this. It’s a small sump that catches resin and can be cleaned out with a towel.

Our team will help to identify what caused the spill in the first place and go through next steps for getting this cleaned. Both the black tray carrier and shell can be cleaned with IPA but it’s important to keep solvents away from the orange cover and tank. I’d recommend cleaning everything as best you can with a paper towel and waiting for our support team before using any solvents like IPA.

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Please post as soon as you find out what the issue was so we can learn what went wrong. Hopefully all is ok once cleaned up. Remember to get as much resin off as possible before it eventually cures, especially if there is any on the exterior.

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