Motor and printer stacked each layer from first one. First print ever made

I bought a form 2 arrived at the end of April but unfortunately only know i got a chance to do the first print and test the printer.
Really sadly i realised the form2 got a massive problem and doesn’t even make one print or at least 20 layers.

Basically i’ve done all the quick start steps, uploaded a simple perfume cap 2x3cm of 8ml, but since the first switch on of the printer i saw the wiper moves but touching the resin tank making a bad and not fluid movement.
Once started the print at second layer or so, once the build platform raise, the wiper start moving toward right side and stack at the end of movement producing a really stuck/slippery gear noise, without coming back and causing the “motor jammed” error.
If ignored, the printer start printing again, but at next build platform raise and wiper movement happen the same.

I could understand the problem (it is also in the known issue on formulas site), and maybe after a while or after several layer printed, but it is strange with brand new printer at first print with first layer.
If you look at quick video i made (below the links), you can clearly understand what happen and i suppose is a sort of wiper/mechanism that doesn’t interlock properly or it is broken/failed.

Such a bad misfortune, as i need to stop the business and deal with clients, but mostly because i was looking forward too much for the Form2 and didn’t even had a joy of make one print.

I don’t know if there’s anything i can do, but for sure i don’t want to open a 15day old form2 and making mess, even if i’d like to save time on shipping back & forth, and so i open a ticket hoping in a great and prompt help from the formulas guy.

What do you think?
Feel soon bad.

Video links:

Marco, videos not showing.

Yep, just realised now, thanks for checking. If you right click on them and select “open in another window” or download you’ll be able to see them.

Don’t know why they not show here, i’ve uploaded a .mov files. Do i need to re-upload in another format? Any suggestions?

Have you managed to see them?
I’ve uploaded a .mp4 video, let’s see if they show up.

Hi guys,
nobody can help, have an idea ?
I’m really feeling bad for this and hope someone can share thoughts and help.


Unfortunately, I think the only ones who can help is FL support. I would open up a support ticket and let them help you.

It looks like there is something wrong with your wiper motor / endstop / etc. For a brand new unit, this is upsetting but I would not recommend opening up the unit unless support tells you to. Support may have a procedure to get you past this.

Indeed, agree with you at 100%. I’ve already opened a ticket yesterday, so i’m looking forward them.

To be honest, what annoy me the most is the fact that i waited more than 2 months to arrive and now, once it has arrived need to go away again, since day 1, with more time to wait again.

I could understand that sometimes problems happens, and i would fine with it, but not with a machine that come out straight from factory and that you wait a lot to start working with it.

Hi there, i’ve submitted a ticket around three days ago, and didn’t receive any reply or even been contacted here.
I’ve waiting as i don’t know how much time is the turnaround for replies, but now i saw some guys from Formlabs replying at newer post, so i’m wondering why i’ve been left alone with a completely brand new printer broken from day one.

I didn’t intend to have a sort of queue priority, but if this is the support i get after asking for help on machine with 15days of life that come out with failed part out of box, i prefer to go for a full refund and that’s it.

Sorry, but as from previous posts, this is really frustrating, from a new customer like me waited for a fabulous printer, for my business and especially to not feel helped after all.


I checked with the team and learned that one of our support agents has been able to help you this week, starting yesterday. Thanks for your patience with our assistance, Marco. The team is here to help, and we definitely don’t want anyone left alone nor with a broken printer.

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