First Print Form 2, total failure- Wiper let go is this common?


Plenty of experience with the form 1+, finally got a form 2 and it appears the wiper detached while printing something I’ve succeeded with on many occasions. Is this common or an absolute freak event?

Every single support that was forming was stopped in an instant and a nice island of goo in my new resin tank, brand new tough resin (1.0)

The wiper was found at a bit of an angle, within the path of the build platform detached.

Added some images- see how the print just stopped like it was cancelled?? I wish.

I’ve never seen a properly-inserted wiper come loose. I have occasionally had trouble getting the wiper to snap into place. Perhaps that’s what happened?

It seemed to pop into place correctly. I didn’t expect it to move quite so fast when in use, I can see why they limit the wiper from open mode.

Anyhow I caught it fast, cleaned out my resin and had success with the second try at the job. I’ll blame me this time.


Congrats on the new Form 2, and good to hear that the second attempt came out as expected! We’d love to see what you’re printing with Tough Resin. Can you share?

I was just using tough for a test print because I had some on hand- my standard resin had not yet arrived.

The prints are so far nowhere near the quality I’d been getting with the form1+, there seems to be major z scale inaccuracy is there no fine tuning on this device?

look how exaggerated the curves are, look how thick the lower jaw is! I printed this from the same .form file. I"ve successfully printed this skull before with tough and it was 1 to 1 with the gray (but a bit more bendy)

Doing a new test using Gray v2- hopefully this matches the correct shapes. Note that this time I’ve used my original supports for the skull, I let preform choose them on the last print. Does anyone know if the form 2 has any peel forces to watch out for liike the form1+ with the hinge?

It looks as though the model is a bit under-supported. The red shading even corresponds with the location of waviness of in the snout. What are the supports sliders set at? Tough is difficult to support due to its low green modulus.

This is not the supports that I used with the failed print, these are the ones that were successful for several with my form 1+. The gray model in the photos used these supports.

I’m curious if the gray will do any better, I’ve got some additional test objects in the scene to get a some accuracy measurements if nothing else.

The lower jaw was actually quite a lot worse than the upper jaw but the entire thing is scaled vertically-- the teeth are longer than they are supposed to be for example and at shallower angles. the lower jaw is literally twice as thick as it is supposed to be.

I’ll see how the cubes and the butterflies measure up- is there a standard scale test file people are using? The X/Y accuracy seems pretty good but I don’t see why things would be so much taller than they are supposed to be.

Is any software “helping” when it thinks something is too thin?

This image explains what went wrong. I’ve got vertical elongation at around 1.2 cm. My corner cubes came out perfectly from the new test print, the XY accuracy was within .5% across 200 MM.

Probably related to the wiper failure in the first print. That wiper… sigh

Thanks for the pictures. That’s a very strange failure. I have never seen anything quite like this. I can’t see how it would be caused by the wiper issue you had, so there’s that. We’ll get back to you.

I made a proper ticket- 65286)

The wiper could be unrelated- perhaps I’m just introducing confusion.

It is easy to say this was support related looking at the prints/images, that was my first assumption as well. Everything about the prints outsider the range I highlighted is correct though.

if I adjust a model with a different “height above base” to get above the problem area and it succeeds it would help to test this. I would prefer the thing just work though!

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Thanks. It’s a weird problem that we are looking into. I gather our customer team has already reached out to you to resolve the issue.

They did thanks.

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