Form2 making a groaning sound during platform travel

My Form2 is making a very loud and deep “groaning” noise when the build platform travels up and down the z-axis rod between layers. When I first started using this unit, there was a deep vibration sound when the platform initially traveled from the starting position to the tank, but over the last few weeks it has started to occur during printing and between all layers. Is it possible that I need to put some kind of lubricant onto the threaded z-rod? I’ve talked to 3 other owners of the Form2 and none of them have experienced this sound.

My prints are working fine up until this point, for what that’s worth.


Check out this thread

Adding on to the thread that Craig linked, if you get in touch with our support team and your lead screw does need a bit of lubricant, we have small packets that we can send out.

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