Form2 Printing Noise


Our Form2 appears to have developed a noise when it’s with drawing away from the resin after each pass, when we first started using it we noticed a droning sound when it was moving after each pass but this has progressed to a dry sounding noise as if something is rubbing on the thread.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Hi @JoeCarpenter,

Please contact our support team. They will help you take care of this noise.


Hi Aaron,

We will do, seems after doing some careful reading on this forum the issue could be down to the suction effect from a large surface area causing the form2 to struggle with its lift, we are currently re-running the job with a shell and some holes to avoid the suction cup scenario.

Thanks very much.


Is it a clicking noise only as the part is being released from the PDMS, or is it a groaning/droning noise the entire time the build platform is moving up/down? Please contact our support team with these details. We like for customers to open tickets so that we can track issues that allow us to continually improve our service and the machine so customers can be as happy as possible :slight_smile: .

Thank you for the feedback, @JoeCarpenter!

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