Noise came out when using open mode

I was trying the 1st time to use the Open Mode on my Form2.

The prints came out pretty good but during the printing there was an annoying sound whenever the machine moved to the next layer.

It looks like the machine tried to push the resin tank to the left first and then return to the right end. Finally move back to the middle wait for the platform to come down. However there is no space to left, so the machine still tried to push and then made the sound came out.

I don’t know anyone else got the same situation or it is just normal.

Esse barulho seria nas primeiras camadas? Caso seja deve ser a pressão entre a plataforma e a bandeja devia a peça ser grande!

I would guess that is NOT normal .

Have you tried adjusting the offset under fine tuning?
Was it with all layers or the first few.
I had a similar loud sound during the peeling stage but it would go away after adjusting the fine tuning value as it only occurred in the first 1-3 layers.
I also experienced loud noises throughout if the orientation isn’t right or if I had too many specimens close to each other due to the suction forces.

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