Pulling my hair out!

First time with Flexible. Brand new resin and brand new tank. First thing, spent about an hour fighting resin sensing error, ultimately having to remove and reinsert tank over and over to get it to finally fill. Finally it is running and I am hearing odd noises 45 minutes in and it is only on layer three. I cant explain the noises other than to say it sounds like moaning and is probably some sort of Z axis motion causing it. Seems it was making this noise with the build platform up an inch or so from the bottom. Anyway, I figured it was just a new sound due to my unfamiliarity with the new resin and didn’t get overly concerned. But I happened to look at the screen and it was saying “cartridge inserted” or something like that, indicating I inserted a cartridge but I hadn’t touched anything.

What a mess. And this stuff stinks too. Are these issues telling me something common that might be wrong? This is not the first time I’ve had the resin sensing error.



How large is the raft for your part? Can you post up pics of the part with the raft and supports. It may help identify what is going on.

Pretty small. I’d say about 1/10th of the build platform. There is a lot of whirring/whining, and the Z axis noise which seems to be stepper noise related to the peel motion.

Well, it looks like you basically created a large suction cup wanting to stay stuck to the PDMS. Until the layer that begins the notch in that cylinder happens, you are likely stressing everything out - not just youself :slight_smile:

I’m assuming there are no vent holes in there to allow equalization of pressures. Looks like you need to add some.

A “moaning” sound on the Z-Axis could mean it’s out of lubricant. Check the drive screw just below the lowest point of travel for the build platform. See if all the grease has built up there. If so, scoop it off and reapply it along the travel areas of the screw, or add new of your own choosing. In my case the noise was worst when the platform was lowering back into the resin.

I agree with you but he is only on layer 3. He is no where near building the model yet. I agree that the part will have to be reoriented or have drain / air holes cut in the bottom to successfully print it.

Did you cancel the print? Did the Z axis return home or is it stuck to the PDMS? It sounds like what my printer did when the peel motor was bad but that was in a Form 1+. Can you try printing with a different resin without having to clean out the vat with the Flexible in it? Just to test to be sure everything sounds ok.

I would at least tilt the part a bit, you don’t want a flat surface that’s parallel to the platform, it will have issues getting those layers supported.

Thanks for the thoughts guys. There is a hole in this part so suction is not a concern. Also, as David mentioned the build was on layer three so it was well before my model had any influence. I let the print finish and it did so successfully. Due to the fact that the part came out fine, and that I have a deadline I am already behind on, I started the second of two builds in this material. I will switch back to my trusted gray and see what the machine sounds like.

I need to learn what happens inside this machine so I can better gauge these sounds. I’m a mechanical engineer, so I am used to the sounds of steppers and screws, but there are whining sounds that I can’t quite identify. I suspect the sounds are normal and I am just paying too much attention.

Thanks again. I’ll report back after I switch back to gray.


Did you try to angle the part and see if it does the same thing? Does it make the same sound with other resins?

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