Form 3: Tank sticking to platform

During prints, I quite often notice the tank is pulled up with the build platform, and I can hear it unsticking slowly. Usually the sound is quite quiet, like a wet or sticky unpeeling noise, but recently it starts to unstick slowly, and then rapidly releases and makes a very audible slapping sound as it’s released.
There is no debris in the tank, and I clean the build platform after every print with IPA. I’m worried that the violent unsticking is going to cause in increase in prints being pulled off the build platform mid-print. Is there anything I can do to stop this issue? We have three Form 3 printers and as far as I’ve noticed, it’s just this one that has this issue.

Additional information: It may or may not be related, but after each layer there’s a quick creaky, squeaking noise (like a chair being dragged across the floor) from under the basement. At first I thought it was the Z-Axis screw needed lubricating, but I’ve since realized that’s not the case.

Hey, I’m having this same issue. Have you gotten any help with this?

No help, but I’ve also not had it happen in a while. Maybe it was a dodgy resin tank?