Resin Tank Slipping

Tried to submit a ticket, but i didn’t receive confirmation so I’ll throw this up here.

The problem is that when the resin tank does the peel move side to side between layers, it attempts to move passed the envelope of the tank and ends up tipping the tank to the side. Here is a video:

I have made many prints on this machine, and I only recently observed it. I have ALWAYS had issues with z height being too short, and this obviously can affect anything on the left side of the build plate as it is forcing the tank up onto it.

Any thoughts?

Your tank is not secure on the printer, when it is secure it is locked in position and can’t move up and down. Check to make sure that the tank isn’t broken

I may have not been clear enough. I did check that the tank was secured, and the two left posts which secure the tank have broken off. This is not cause of the issue. They broke because the tank moves too far to the right while going through the peal process. It is almost as if the machine has lost where home should be, or a limit switch has malfunctioned.

I’m not sure it’s actually possible for it to move past where it’s supposed to, I would think it would hit the metal edge of the printer before that happens.

But the tank moves to the right when peeling. Are you saying it moved too far to the left after the peel completed and when that happened it broke the tabs off the tank, on the left side of the tank?

I had a problem with one of my prints not separating from the PDMS while printing the supports base. The resin tank dragged the build platform sideways and then snapped back, repeatedly, like maybe 5-6 times before finally succeeding in completing the peel. But the printer never “lost” the position of the resin tank, even though it’s clearly driven by a stepper motor and the issue I had could only mean that the stepper was “losing counts”. Conclusion, there is a limit switch someplace to tell the printer that the resin tank is all the way “home” (to the left).

I suppose that if the switch moved further left, the tank’s home position would move with it, and that could result in what I’m guessing is what you’re describing. But if that is the case, the resin tank should be too far to the left now, when the printer is idle. Post a picture taken from directly above the right side of the resin tank with the cover open and the build platform out of the way so we can see?

I didn’t mean that it physically moved passed where it supposed to, but it sure tries…

The stepper motor continues to move and add pressure, which is why you see the left side raise without moving sideways in the video.

It moves to the right to attempt the peel process, hits the end, but the motor doesn’t stop for a few seconds, then travels back left. (it seems you think it doesn’t stop moving left to home, not right)
I will check it out when I get back to work in the morning. In the mean time, support did get back to me and are sending a replacement tank, with the thinking that the machine can’t sense when to stop if the tabs have broken off. As I stated, I believe this overtraveling is what caused the tabs to snap. If it isn’t, what broke them? The tabs are in the carriage as we speak.

Time will tell.

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