Resin tray holder disconnected from the motor

Hello everyone,
I’ve submitted a ticket already, but it seems like a problem that could be easily resolved maybe, I just don’t know how to.
Basically the resin tray holder, that piece you slide the resin tank in, has disconnected itself from the white motor that is responsible for the peel I believe, so it’s resting in a tilted position. It’s not stuck, I was able to lift it up and remove the tray easily, it just doesn’t stay flat any more. My guess is I just need to reconnect it to the motor, but I’m not sure how to proceed, so does anybody have any experience doing just that ?



Customer support can guide you through the process of fixing your issue. Have you heard back from them yet?

Yep I got a PDF to fix that, but it wasn’t very clear to me. Awaiting clearer instructions for now, as I don’t know wether I’m supposed to glue the threaded rod to the shiny smooth part over it, that is held in place by a very tight black screw (the set screw ?) or let it rest. The black screws was very tightly set, I’m not sure what adding glue to it would do more.

interesting, mine doesn’t seem to have that sleeve?.. or whatever it is at the top that is bolted in place; it simply had the screw locked in place with the other screw (the black one) pushing against it.

However the stepper section is seized so I need to find out how to get a new one >_<

You should send them a ticket, they’re sending me a new motor with a new shaft to fix the problem. But yeah that shiny “adaptor” as they call it confuses the heck out of me. Its not supposed to be there on a form1+ ! So I’m not sure if I should follow instruction for form1+ or form1…

I have a Form1+ and have the same setup as @Andrew_Cox. Never seen that sleeve before!

Well I think it’s a remnant of the Form1 setup, since mine was upgraded and not bought as a form1+. But it conforts me in the solution I found yesterday : I just removed that piece and inserted the threaded rod directly in the clevis (that piece with the black screw) and tightened said black screw, following Andrew’s picture. Works like a charm now ! I don’t think I’ll need to replace the motor after all. But I really wonder how my printer worked up until now with that unnecessary sleeve piece …

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Hey all,

I was actually able to solve my problem on the weekend; it appears that at some point some resin had made its way onto the screw and run all the way down to the motor where it had caused the piece to seize up. I removed the stepper motor and the bottom section and over a number of hours dripped IPA into the gap between the screw and the motor housing; moving it about slightly after each addition and allowing the IPA to soak and dissolve more and more resin until after about 8 hours the rod came free and I was able to remove it to clean it properly.

Hopefully this is of use to someone else in the future. I might even 3D print a small cover to attach at the top of the thread and prevent it from dripping down again.

  • Andrew

Andrew, if the lead screw is entirely clean now, you may want to add some lubricant. I would recommend magnalube-G or similar.

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