Tilt Mechanism, broken, again

Came down this morning to a failed print, but even worse, the tilt mechanism is in the low position and won’t raise - reset the machine and the thing is as limp as…well, you get the idea. Second time this has happened, obviously I’ll be submitting a ticket but what are other user experience of this type of failure?

I had that happen just a few weeks after I got mine. I sent it back for an advanced swap out.

The alternative was to open up the machine and replace the peel motor, which I felt was more field support than I signed up for. Not that hard, but really…

Clearly they’re still early in the learning curve. This forum has seen:

Laser issues
Tank cracking
Peel motors failing
Crud all over the internal mirrors that can’t be traced to the user
Prints failing due to the above, with a good deal of wasted resin and time

But they do make an effort to resolve issues fairly, and reasonably quickly, mostly.

We all wish them well, especially as the competition in the space goes wild.

For myself, I would have gladly paid more money for a more robust machine, with higher quality components. Perhaps that would have priced them out of the market, but the support has to be a significant burden.

Another $500 up front would have been much cheaper for me than the cost of failed prints.

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Yes. I’m an original backer so thoroughly familiar with component quality issues, I only got this machine back about 3 months ago (peel motor failure that time too). Increasingly frustrated with similar issues to those described by yourself.

I just went through the same thing. The peel motor’s threaded rod had come disconnected from the resin tank’s clevis. Several online discussions indicated that I should manually thread the piece back in - with some Loctite. I did that 4 or 5 times and it kept coming out. I then opened the machine and found the clevis has a set screw! I backed out the set screw, inserted the threaded rod, and tightened the set screw. So far so good!


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