Tank remains tilted

Hi there,

our printer broke down over the weekend. The tank does not tilt anymore in default position, after only 10 prints or so.
Since the support is quite slow and we need to print some pieces asap, I wanted to ask for the fastest way to get a fix or replacement?

All the best,


Wow you are the third person in the forum with this issue :confused: Hopefully this isnt a scary trend that is coming to all users … not sure of a fix but I know if you look in the support forums there are a few issues (within the last month) that have had similar problems… hopefully Formlabs has a solution.

This will require replacing your peel motor mechanism, most likely. Difficult to know without more details. Our support team usually responds in a few hours. They should be able to fix you up quickly, once they’re on the job. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any work-arounds.

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