Form2 Tank Broken Mid Print

Went to run a print on a reasonably new tank, the peel process sounded much more violent than usual and after a short while it threw up the error “Please remove obstructions from the build platform or resin tank and try again” I inspected the tank and build plate there were no issues or so I thought and ran again but with the same noises I watched to see the bottom left of the tank lifting up when the peeling process was in progress I stopped the print and sure enough I could lift the corner of the tank by hand easily:

I removed the tank and found the clip had broken, I assume this is due to some weakness or imperfection in my tank as a one-off issue?

Did anyone face this before, I’ve submitted a support ticket but didn’t get any email to confirm yet (i thought support queries got confirmation emails but maybe I’m mistaken

I wasn’t printing anything flat on the bed just regular supports:

all the best



I’ve used quite amount of tanks and some of them are smoothly inserted and some required extra effort and force.
It seems like a single weakness of the tank and I’m sure the support will assist you with replacement or so. No confirmation mails are send, they normally answer within 24 hours.

When other colleagues once in a while using the printer and trying to replace resin and tank, they are inserting only the two back hooks of the tank or not inserting it up to the end from time to time.
It might be that it was not fully placed in the sockets before advancing it to its place. This can cause to the breakage.

I wouldn’t try to repair this, I will go for a new tank, fixing it might cause to unexpected results.

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