Can't get a new resin tray back into FORM1+

I have a ticket in on this but thought I’d see if anyone here has had this issue.

First, yes, the old tray was stuck. I should have left it alone as it was printing real good. But, there were floaters and I thought I’d filter the resin and put the tray back in. Ended up using the wood block and hammer to get it out. The spring balls on the left side are frozen in place. Did break the corner off the bottom so decided to replace with a new tray.

Can’t get the tray to slide back in at all. Could use the hammer and wood block I guess but somehow that doesn’t seem the real answer here. Has anyone run into this and how did you solve it short of sending the machine back to FormLabs. That’s the absolute last thing I want to do as the machine runs perfect and who knows what I’d get back.

Narrowed it down to the front left spring ball is frozen in place. Tried twisting a large bade screw driver but it doesn’t budge. Now I’ve taken and soaked a Q-tip with WD40 and pressed that against the ball a few times. Even used a bit of pressure from that screwdriver to try and work some in. I’ll do this a few more times hoping to free it up.

I’d recommend you contact customer support. They can give you instructions on how to fix the issue. Essentially, you want to use needle nose pliers to remove the offending ball spring plunger. As long as you have at least three ball spring plungers remaining, you should not see any effect on print quality. And as always, please be sure to keep the tabs on your resin tank clean so as to not clog up ball spring plungers.

Got the stuck spring ball unit out. The other three work ok. New Resin Tray slips in OK but is able to pick up a bit on the front left corner where that spring ball is gone. Wonder if I could get a few replacement spring ball units.
Now we’ll see if the printer works just as good as before…

Craig, I stated a ticket earlier this afternoon be never heard back on it. I run a manufacturing company and the Form1+ is essential in that.

I’ve learned a long time ago to service my own equipment. My first laser engraver/cutter had the focus tool jam and when the table came up it didn’t stop it and tore the X beam which carries the print head and all right out of the machine. Jammed the table as well. I was there to shut it off luckily. Took me 8 hours to totally tear it down and rebuild it to running state. Didn’t even have to install any new parts. Unit is still running today.

Fixed it. I took a piece of styrene strip .040 thick by .188" wide, sanded one end at a ramp and cut it to 1-1/2 inches in length.
This was laid on the top side of the Resin Tank flange with the square end against the back of the front wall. Slid the tray in place and there is no movement at all.

The spring ball method of holding the tray down is the wrong approach in my thoughts. Yes, I’ve worked in a product design and development engineering department of a fortune 100 company… I feel tempered steel leaf springs would have been better and less costly. They wouldn’t have jammed if they got wet with resin and could be easily replaces if need be.

Ran the printer today on a nine hour job. Haven’t taken the prints out yet as I don’t have time to clean them but they look really good.

What are you doing to get resin all over the sides of the bed? Whenever i take a part off the build platform or take the resin tank out, i am super careful and never make a mess. Do you have a newer form 1+ or older? Whats the build date?

Well, it might not even be resin that caused the ball spring to freeze. Even a but of moisture in the air could do that. And from what I’ve read here I’m certainly not the only one that’s run into this issue.

It would only take a single drop in the wrong spot to cause and issue. I do take care but I also use my machinery not sit and pamper it. I have a Form1+.

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