Stuck on Initializing Printer - new resin tray

Hey All,
My Form3 showed up and it is a thing of beauty. During the setup process, it was stuck on Initializing Printer for ages. After a few more tries with the same result I figured something was mucked up. Turns out the float was not properly seated in the resin tank. When loading new tanks, take a look at the float and make sure the pin is in the hinge properly so you can get to work.


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Hey @phando! Thanks for the post!

I just ran your particular issue by our services team, and they said you likely were running into two separate issues. The first is freeze can be fixed by restarting the printer, which it sounds like you did!

As far as the float, they asked if you wouldn’t mind reaching out to them directly so they can get a little more information about what might be going on. You can contact them at the link below :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

same problem here. The float was not properly attached to the hinge. I had to snap it in place to make it seat and move properly. But I am still getting the initializing printer screen. Now to figure out the reboot process…

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Unplug your printer if its stuck on the initializing screen.

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Thank you! I just had this issue and restarting corrected the issue.

Thanks for all the support. I purchased four tanks and two of them had the float problem. So long as you make sure your float is properly seated in the hinge, you are good to go. It is an easy fix if you look before the thing is full of resin.

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