Ball spring stuck

As I have written in previous threads we have two Form 1 printers standing on a shelf at my local makerspace.

I have gotten one working but I’m not satisfied with the quality. I want to try the other one now, but one of the ball springs is stuck. (Another one is missing completely.) So it’s impossible to insert the tray.

Anyone have any good ideas for how to get it unstuck?

you need to replace them. They can be ordered from Form Labs. They are only press fit so installing is easy. it’s getting the old one free that will be work as you can’t bend the frame doing it. I used a curved nose pair of small pliers to free mine. Just take your time.
I’t’s a self contained item consisting of a brass tube that has the ball and spring in it. One end has a washer shape from the forming of the brass and also holds the ball in. The other end is bent over to hold the spring in. It’s a press fit.

OK, Thanks!

I’ve been in contact with Formlabs support now and the “ball spring plungers” are on their way!

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I have now received the aforementioned spare parts. We have installed them on the printer and it’s working fine.

Thanks for the help!


Glad it worked as I said. Good luck printing.

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