Tray Sensor Pin Broken

One of the Tray sensor pins on my Formlabs 2 is broken.
Is there any manual to replace this piece?
Has someone documented doing this before?

I already know the piece can be acquired at mouser or Digikey, and the part number is 70AAJ-3-M0

You can check some pictures of the broken piece on the bottom or at this link:

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi Axis,

Did you end up finding any good info/guides on how to replace this component? I’ve got the same issue.


Hi @Jake_s ,

If you have an issue where the fingers are just bent or misaligned, you might be able to adjust them back into place. If they are broken off, then you would likely need a new printer; please reach out to our Support Team to provide photos and request further assistance if needed.

Try asking from an electronics repair shop (TVs, car audio etc), they deal with such things all day long.

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