Does anyone recognize this broken Form 2 part?

Does anyone recognize this broken Form 2 part? This is a long story that I won’t get into at this time but. I found this part rattling around inside my From 2. I have no idea what it is a part of but need to know if it is critical to the printers function?

Thanks for your help.

Mike Auer

Can you see inside and see where it came from?

I found where the broken part came from. (see pic) This is the tab that connects to the build plate bed that trips the micro switch when the build plate is all the way up at the top. The reason this is broken is NOT Formlabs fault. I bought the unit used from a 3rd party and this Form 2 was shipped across the US in the original shipping box, but with the build plate attached and all the way at the top of the screw. As a result of shipping vibration for 1100 miles, the 4 screws holding the build plate rail fell out and the tab was broken off by the build plate shifting around un-attached. I have managed to dis-assemble the unit and find the screws which drop inside and reassemble the unit. I am a mechanical engineer and this is not something I suggest anyone attempt unless they are qualified.

Lesson learned make sure the build plate is down before shipping. Also, I am now stuck trying to figure out how I am going to rig something up to trip the switch. The tab is not going to be able to go back on the part. :frowning:

Mike Auer
Scout Design & MFG

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