Broken laser (?)


Just received the Form 2 printer and tried to do some prints on it last Friday (08.05.16). Nothing was sticking to the build platform and after some adjustments (moving platform down a little more as well as checking the print file) still had no success of printing anything.

After several layers being “printed” I also noticed that I did not have any resin chunks floating around in the build tray. Which now to me indicated that may be nothing was being cured from the get go and the problem was not with the file or build platform but the laser. Does anyone have any idea on how I can test that to diagnose the problem? I have already done the simple test of looking for the laser light and did not see anything.

All hardware is new including resins. it was opened up and setup according to the manual included on Friday as well.

I have already submitted a ticket on Friday (haven’t heard anything back) but I’m a bit under the gun on this one as I have a physician expecting a print done for a case on Thursday.

I am hoping its just me and I haven’t turned something on or forgot to do some step.

Thank you. Any help appreciated.

Just picking up on your point about seeing the laser. During printing if you look below the resin tray you should see it. But, while printing each layer, especially the early layers, the layer is not on all the time. So you can miss it depending on your size of print. The resin won’t float around as such, use the flat scraper included, gently wipe across the bottom of resin tray, as you wipe, the resin will obviously move around, you’ll see bits or have some stuck to the silicone layer.

as a thought try printing with clear resin and place the item close to the front edge of the build plate then you should see the laser as a flashing yellowish light.

I can usually still see the laser through the plastic of the tray while using the darker resins.

Hi all,

Thanks for the feedback. After extensive looking around and taking the shell off the printer to look at the motherboard where the laser was supposed to be connected (which it was). I also looked with more detail under the build bed and in the glass window upon which I discovered that the laser was never connected or broke off from where it was supposed to be to propagate the light accordingly. Basically I got a defective unit from the get go. Have to ship it back now.

Thanks for the advise from everyone.

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