Build surface full of IPA :(

OK this is new to me! Build surface turning a shaker (full of IPA dripping onto the resin tank :()

Any1 faced this before?

I saw a previous post (hell if I can find it) of a similar issue, where the bed was cracking open along the edges just after a few uses. Get into contact with Formlabs and see if you can get a replacement (which is what the previous poster did) as it should not do that…heh. How long have you used this bed?

Thats the point, very few prints compared to the stock one that came with the printer…

Cracking open? Wow, everything seems ALU except the top part, obviously.

Best to have 2 build plates and rotate them between builds. That way one can evaporate any IPA hidden inside.

Yeah but this one sounds like way too much IPA inside… hmmmm

I have two Form 2 printers and rotate 3 build plates between them. Some days they run 6-8 jobs each a day.

But had this issue before?

Hey @bolsoncerrado do you use the build plate with a Form Wash by any chance? A similar thing happened to me earlier this year. I posted about it here:

I was given a replacement build plate with no hassle. However I can see that the same issue is starting to happen again with my current one. It seems the IPA is seeping in through the cracks causing the side slots to slip out…

Yep with formwash. Lemme take a look at yours.

Wow, read the whole thing. My dealer is arguing it’s older than “30 days” (within the EU!) and I can read now that your new plate is also experiencing issues! What the?!!??

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I have now sanded the build plates with a very fine grit foam type sanding block. I use IPA along with this in a wet sand. I do circular motions all over the build plate. It turns black as does the cleaning towels. I do two or three of these sandings on the build plate. It helps remove the residue resin that tends to sort of sink into the aluminum plate.

After cleaning two build plates this way put back in machine and ran the same job on both. Both prints came out A-OK with quality products. Off we go again.

On all of our build plates we have drilled a small 2mm hole through the top surface near the hand grip. We found that during printing the air temperature and pressure build up inside is just enough to push the two plastic side panels out during printing as they are only held in with a custom rubber o-ring. Once resin gets in there the o-ring cant grip onto the surfaces any more and slides around all over the place.

Without the hole, if a side panel pops out its very difficult to get it back in as you are now compressing the air into the chamber when you press the plastic side in.

Small air/IPA hole FTW.

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