Build Platform Side Covers

Hello, we have had our printer for about a month now and we have had to get replacements for both of the build platform we have for the side covers coming off. Is this a common issue?
I have read a past post that this was do to the platform being submerged in IPA in the wash station. I understand why the comment was made, but find it hard to believe that Formlabs has not done extensive testing with build platforms and the Form Wash.

To be fair the BPs were designed before the Wash came out, so we don’t know what the BPs specs were at the time. That being said, other people have reported these panels popping off, others have reported IPA infiltration inside the BPs … which is much more problematic since it may lead to IPA dripping into the resin tank.

I have not had any issues with out 3 BPs, and we don’t treat them particularly gently (we have a Wash too). Good to know Formlabs is replacing the faulty units.