Platform side panel popping off?

Has anyone experienced this?

The build platforms, at least newer ones, appear to have two plug-like panels on their sides (two of the four sides are fixed, two are removable panels with multi-ribbed, plug-like geometry). I had one pop off on a freshly unpacked platform, after it got submerged in IPA.

I pressed it back in with my fingers, it seemed to resist briefly, then settled back in.

I had one that came like that shipped I returned it

If you’ve got a new platform and it’s broken then you should be able to get that replaced from Formlabs

Nothing’s broken on it, though.

If it’s coming apart then it’s broken

The sides are designed to be removable, i.e. to pop-out.
Just not under any kind of normal use.

The question is - whether this happened because of pressure differential inside / outside (e.g. from IPA vapours), i.e. design flaw (no way of equalizing pressure), or because of a manufacturing flaw (bad tolerances).