Build Platform SIDES DE-LAMINATED after 20 min Form Wash

I used a Brand NEW build Platform because the other one was in the Form Wash for a new print…
After Printing, I placed the New Build Platform into the Form Wash for 20 minutes.
On removing the platform from the FW, I noticed that both sides of the build platform are popping outward.

Did the FW cause the glue in the Platform sides to un-glue??

Can you upload some images of the effect you’re seeing? Some of the more caustic materials can cause the enamel on the rim of the platform to weaken, but I haven’t seen the covers themselves become pliable and removable.



see photo I guess this is not de-lamination but the side pulling away
this is how it came out of the FW

the side piece is warped if i push in one side the other comes out

I had this issue on my brand new wash unit and brand new F2. I just pushed it back in and so far it hasn’t come out yet.

This is a new one for me as well. A member of our support team will be in touch with you over email to look into what’s causing this, and to work towards a fix.


You have alcohol agitated and moving against a not fully sealed part that if it is glued, the glue is reacting to the intruding alcohol.

Design fault?

Why would you put the build platform in the wash?
Is it even designed to be in the wash?

Clearly it is a hollow part, and the IPA could leak into the interior. if it does… it might not all drain back out.

The same panel on mine came out a little… I could see it had a rubbery serrated fitment surface and was simply force fit into the injection molded remainder of the build platform. I pushed it back in.

If your’s warped, I would say it was from soaking in IPA…

Am I Supposed to put the thing in the wash?
I simply remove the parts from the build platform- put the part in the wash, and then scrape the excess resin off the platform and wipe it down with IPA on a rag.

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I think the OP is using Form Wash Machine which requires the platform to be attached to the wash unit. This would mean most likely the platform gets washed as well. Also if not sealed correctly would allow IPA to enter the sealed unit resulting in failure of the bond.

I do the same, but I think the new Form wash is designed to take the whole platform, perhaps too much volume of print results in the IPA level reaching too high?

The platform is half submerged into the wash unit. It should be an easy fix, just push the panel back in and run a bead of silicone around it to seal it.

If you dont want to wear gloves and remove the print(s) from the platform YOU CAN just remove the platform from the FL2 and place it into the platform holder on the FW…

OR you can wear gloves scrape the print(s) off the platform and then you can dump the prints into the FW’s basket.

I could repair the new platform with silicone but I think a new platform should work without a DIY repair.

The wash unit is good and bad, Even if you wash with the build platform, when you take the prints off it after the wash, there is still uncured resin on the base of the print or the base supports that you still have to wash off.

I have had this same issue with at least one platform that was never submerged in IPA. One side has warped out to have about 1/8 inch gap close to the metal surface. This was with the manual wash system where the platform never gets submerged but most of us will wash off excess resin from the surface and sides of platform with a rag soaked in IPA.

I got my Wash last week and really like it. No mess, unlike the old system. I have done parts on the platform and in the basket.

The only problem with the wash is that the screen will sometimes go off in sleep and not wake up unless you unplug and replug the unit. I just sent in a service request asking about that bug. Form Cure arriving today, crossing my fingers.

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