Drying/ Cracking on Side of Build Platform?

I have previous experience working with the Form 2 but just started using the printer at the company
I work at. Their Form Wash tank was extremely low so i changed out the IPA and filled it up close to the max fill line. When I put a print into the wash I noticed that the portion of the build platform that dipped into the IPA looked dry and brittle, but it only occured on the front and back sides of the build platform. Does anyone know why this is occurring?

There are two plastic caps that seem to start flaking after some time.

We removed these caps and filled the opening with polyurethane. So far we haven’t had any issues.

What do you mean by plastic caps?

The platform is hollow, made from aluminium. They capped this with 2 plastic stops and a rubber o-ring.
The plastic degrades over time and starts to flake.

Had 2 Build plates flake and its not the plastic caps that are flaking, the caps tend to pop out and need to be glued back in, had that happen to all my 4 build plates. The flaking is off the other 2 sides and its whatever they used to coat them with as the ISP when using the form wash is what started mine flaking, just scrap the flakes off and its fine.

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