Build Platform mount shattered

My team and I have been using the Form 3 and the form wash/cure for a year. We have used IPA and most recently TPM to wash parts, sometimes placing the build platform into the form wash, sometimes using the basket.

After a recent print was finished, we found the build platform mount had shattered (see photos for reference).

Our assumption is that some sort of material degredation has occured.

Has anyone experienced this?

Are there spares to buy or STL files available to re-print our own mount?


No photos. :frowning:

photo should appear now @Randy_Cohen

You have an STL here: Form 3 Build Plate Handle by camowl - Thingiverse
NOTE: Never tried it so no idea about how accurate that is.

Now the question you need to answer to yourself is if it’s worth to print it and replace it or just purchase a new platform.

Regarding the issue, never saw that one.
Also, using the build platform on the Form Wash, the handle never gets IPA on it. Assuming normal filling levels, the most you can get is the sides of the platform covered so probably not caused by that.

Hi @Eks Thanks for the link, I will take a look.

We have spare platforms so fortunately not disrupting anything. Fill levels are normal, never submerged in IPA/TPM, just usual splashes through clean up etc. Always wiped down and cleaned prior to going back in the form3.

Strange one, it could just be a defect in the moulding process of the part, or maybe unknowingly has been subject to some stress which hasn’t agreed with it.

If the platform is still under warranty I would suggest you contact FormLabs’ support for a replacement.

Maybe not let The Hulk be the employee who’s installing and removing build platforms? :slight_smile:

That’s really weird. I agree, it looks like the plastic was degraded by exposure to some chemical process. It doesn’t look like a mechanical failure from overstress given how shattered it is (unless it was dropped on to a hard surface), and that some pieces probably weren’t seeing all that much stress anyway.

Plastic can get “crumbly” when exposed to the right (wrong) environmental conditions. But you are the first I can remember ever having this problem.

Don’t suppose it’s possible someone dropped that platform on to a hard surface a few prints ago and never mentioned it to anyone?


I have two that I alternate using; staring with the FL2 to the FL3 no issue.

Hi @Pegler_NPD,

If you have not reached out to our Support Team directly, please do send over these photos so we can document it as well as provide you with a replacement.

Follow up post, second platform to do this now. I’ll get this over to the support team as suggested. Our platforms only come into contact with the resin and the TPM wash, instinct tells me the TPM can cause issues.

Hi @Pegler_NPD,

I’m sorry to hear that this issue has come back up. I appreciate you getting in touch with our Support team, as this will be the best way for us to get this issue documented and addressed.

Looks like that even the vapors from Wash can take it apart

While I don’t know for sure what would cause this damage, I should also clarify that both IPA and TPM are compatible solvents for the Wash, and aren’t expected to cause any build platform damage. With that said, it’s very likely that our Support team will be able to get a replacement sent out.

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This is wild - I’ve never seen this ever in all the years of printing & owning many build plates.

Do you put the build plate in the UV curing oven by any chance?

Hi Everyone, Formlabs team are looking into this.

The platform doesn’t go in the form cure, just a regular transition between the Form 3 and the wash.

We used the link above to print our own handle in rigid 4000…works a treat!


Hello everyone,

Well, mine also shattered after nine prints. I have no idea how to publish photos, but the results were similar to those in the previous photos, the only difference is that mine is a three-week-old Build Platform 2 in a three-weeks-old complete 3+ combo.

Support people has been fantastic so far; the only problem has been that QA is not where it should be and each test takes a week. Long story short, 90% of downtime during my first three weeks of ownership because of QA-related issues. I can only hope my experience improves whenever I get the replacements. I really like this printer experience a lot… when everything works.

Thanks for sharing the STL file. I’m printing one in an FDM printer to see if I can get some work done while I wait for the replacements. It was in my plans to buy a second platform but now, I have to wait to have proof of concept this system can be reliable. :frowning:

Hi @ppespepe,

I’m sorry to hear about the poor experience you’ve had so far with the Build Platform 2. Printing a handle could certainly be a good workaround in the meantime while you wait for replacements from Support. Thank you for your patience here for the time being.