IPA getting into resin tank

I’m wondering if there are any issues with placing the build platform back in the Form 2 straight from the wash? Generally, I’ll print something, put it in the wash, take the print off the build platform and place the build platform back in the printer. Does anyone do anything special besides wipe IPA off the build platform?

I haven’t had any failed prints but I’m curious if residual IPA on the platform causes any issues.

I use multiple build plates so that after wiping it can remain on the holder for a while. Actually I rotate 3 build plates between two machines. Best to let them air as IPA in the resin is going to cause issues.

I don’t immerse the entire plate in IPA- so its not an issue. I just use the wash station that came with the form2 and wipe down the platform manually.
But there ARE hollow spaces inside the platform… with gaskets that can absorb IPA. if you are submerging it, its probably a good idea to ensure it airs out for about an hour or so before running another print on it.