Proper cleaning of the build platform after a print?


Sorry if I missed this, but what are the do’s and dont’s of cleaning the build platform between prints.

Specifically, I am wondering if it is better to clean it completely with rubbing alcohol (IPA) and wipe it dry, or is it better/ok to just scrape off cured resin and put it back in the printer with wet resin still on it (esp if I plan to do another print within the next few hours).

I also wondered how ‘bad’ it is if there is IPA residue left on the surface of the platform after cleaning it with IPA? (wiping it down, but still… maybe there is some IPA on it?)

In absence of knowing, I’ve stopped cleaning the platform entirely of resin to reduce on the mess and avoid any IPA residue that might contribute to any problems sticking to the platform. So far, I’ve had no problems with resin coming off of the build platform, so this is all just pre-emptive.



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Hi Jeff,

Scraping the build platform of any cured resin should be sufficient. You definitely do want to scrape the platform after each print to ensure it is smooth and free of any cured bits of resin. Any uncured resin you scrape off is perfectly fine to put pack in the tank.

IPA does dissolve the resin, which is problematic if IPA gets in the resin tank, but wiping the build platform of any IPA should be enough to remove the IPA from the build platform. Whatever little IPA is left after wiping it up will evaporate quickly.

Guys I opened my build platform recently as the screw got stuck. I was surprised to see the inside was saturated with white resin as I wiped everything down before dis-assembly and was about to use it for clear. I would recommend opening it up and giving it a proper clean in IPA before changing resins.

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Just to note this is if you are changing resins using the same platform. If using the same resin I never clean the platform after a print, only inspect it for cured bits and never expose it to any light for long periods of time.

I ran into a problem today that has irked me a bit.

There appears to be a “hatch” on the front side of the build platform. In the middle of a 20+ hour print I noticed that that hatch seems to have come open and now there are swirls of black pigment in my tank full of white resin. I think they’ve come from the interior of the build platform through this now open door. I fear this print is going to be “marbled,” and this otherwise only one week old build platform will need to be replaced.