Build platform 2

Has anyone tried the new build platforms yet?

They look great for some of the more difficult to remove resins. That said, I worry about the design. Given that it has moving parts, it would appear one might have to do an awful lot of cleaning between prints with this platform, to get the resin out of all the little crevices. Curious to see how much trouble that is for people.

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Maybe the answer is to have one for each type of resin you use?

…or to clean the build still attached to the build plate?

I am waiting for my build platform 2 so I can only speculate.

But I have also ordered the form wash station. I believe that this will immerse the platform’s bottom in IPA and it should help clean the gap. I would bet that flexing the plate and rinsing it in IPA would go a long way to cleaning it. Finish cleaning by spraying IPA into the flexed gap.

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