Build Platform secreting resin

I recently switched my black resin tank out for a white one, but I only have the one build platform so I just cleaned that thoroughly with IPA and then started my print. I noticed some darker spots on the print, but I assumed that was from the sandpaper I was using. I go to start a second white print today and my build platform is covered in black resin, with a few drops in my tank of white resin. It appears that repeated dunking into the black resin has someone got the build platform full of it and now its leaking out of the seam between the metal and plastic.

Does anyone know of a better cleaning technique so that I don’t keep getting my resins mixed up?

I’ve thought about the same issue myself. I’m concerned about resin leaking out and landing on the main mirror while I’m doing tank maintenance . I’ll bet the FormLabs folks could tell you if it would work to fill the empty space inside the build platform with a urethane or epoxy resin. Maybe drill a hole in a spot where you won’t damage any of the moving parts and pour resin in through a funnel. You’d want to seal the perimeter with tape so it wouldn’t leak out while it cures. Maybe it’s something they could work into the next generation platform.

@AndrewHudson - that’s exactly what I did (drilled hole in top - poured in filler) with one of my platforms, but with fine “resin” plaster of paris, which is too viscous to leak through the seal between build plate and frame. Seems to working just fine after a few dozen prints.

I must say I have to contradict this… I’ve used my build platform with each resin and have no issues. I just clean the build patform with kitchen paper (sides and base), and I have no problem at all. Once in every few builds, before I print, I see a drop hanging from the build platform and I clean it again before printing. I sugggest always cleaning it (again) before a print. Then it shouldn’t make any difference.

Cleaning it wit IPA is something I never do, because it can cause problems if you don’t let the build platform dry poperly! And, as far as I’m concerned, it isnt neccessary!. Just take your time and clean it properly and it shouldn’t be an issue!

@Alex_Vermeer contradict all you like Alex, but just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean the issue doesn’t exist.

My first build platform was fine for many dozens of prints - the seal between frame and build plate held fine - but then the plastic frame warped a little - I don’t know when or why - and it started taking up resin, and dripping AFTER it had been wiped clean.

My second build platform started doing the same thing after only a few prints - so it seems there’s a lot of variation between build platforms.

That’s good for you, but my build platform isn’t your build platform, and this is definitely a real problem. That drop you see hanging is probably from the same problem, hidden resin sitting in the platform. It’s not a problem most of the time, but when you want to switch to another resin it will start contaminating, which is especially bad when going from black to white.

I must say, perhaps i’m being to “black and white”. You both have a point! although mine takes up resin as well, even when I clean it. And yes, drops do appear on the platform after cleaning, But, mine don’t drop into the resin tank (yet)… I’m not saying it isn’t an issue, however, with daily maintanence, it shouldn’t be a problematic issue. Of course, I share you meaning that it shouldn’t happen at all. If you clean it properly, it shouldn’t have any residu at all, but you can do a lot to prevent these issues yourself.

We have several build platforms. one does not let resin in between the metal and the plastic, 2 do let resin in which later drips out. Recently I took one of the leaky ones apart. It is easy to do but you have to remove some stickers to get to the last screws. Inside you will find a large hollow space. There is a rubber gasket but it was not doing its job. I used RTV silicon gasket (available at automotive stores or online at Mcmaster etc( in a tube around the edge following the instructions on the tube. While you are there you can tighten the screws that hold the handle on so you don’t get a wobbly platform. Honestly i have not tested this new solution much but I don’t see why it would not work as long as the seal is good. I will post back if it creates problems.

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