IPA inside build platform

After a recent print I had bits and pieces of resin firmly attached to my build platform. I did what was suggested a year or so ago, soak it in some IPA. I put it in a basin and poured in enough IPA to cover the base, coming up maybe 1/4" up the side. This worked great, after soaking overnight I was able to easily clean off the resin.

However I noticed I now have liquid sloshing around inside. I assume it’s IPA and also assume if it can get in, it can get out during a print. I don’t think mixing IPA, even a little with resin in the tank is a good idea, so the question is: is there a way to get the liquid out of the build platform? I thought about drilling a whole in it but that could let resin in. Perhaps the liquid will evaporate on it’s own over time?

Any thoughts appreciated, it’s still in pretty good shape so I would hate to toss it


you can unscrew the screws at the top and remove the aluminum plate. you’ll need to cut through the sticker to access some screws.

Christopher, thanks for your quick response. I looked at the top of my build platform, it’s metal, don’t think there is a sticker. Probably should have mentioned it’s a Form2 platform, if that makes a difference. It did look like there are two strips on the sides that might come off but before I started trying to dig them off, thought I would double check


I had exactly the same thing. I drilled two big holes in the side and let it all flow out.

Doesn’t it fill up with resin every time you use it now? Seems like that would probably leak all over when you take the build platform off. Can you post pictures of your mod?

No its fine, I drilled them right at the top and the resin never gets that high up.

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