Missing Tray Sensor warning

My Form2 is now throwing missing tray error. It is a brand-new tray with probably 2 prints done it. New Resin tank too. I have removed the tray and re-inserted it several times. I also powered off the printer too…no joy there. Anybody got any answers on this. I am out the water with this, is this the same issue seen before as broken pins?

Thanks Les Davis

Screenshot 2022-03-21 160405

The error on the dashboard says tank Cartridge mismatch but the printer says

this is what I have used since I got my form2 several years ago.

Thank you Les Davis

There is one possible situation: when you order material, look carefully at the requirements below. on the bottom right of the web page (I am having a similar problem) . There are two kinds of resin tanks and some materials require the LT tank. Seeing the icon above in your post answers one of my questions, that is, ‘will a standard resin tank print when an LT resin tank is reccommended or required’ -I guess it certainly is required -that could be your issue.

Hi @Phantom48,

Sorry for the late reply, but if you haven’t already opened a ticket with our Support Team, they can assist you with this!