FREE: Form 1+ w/ accessories (SF Bay Area)

Up for grabs is a Form 1+, with power supply and various goodies:

  • z-vat dust cover
  • two build platforms
  • two resin tanks
  • four spare ball spring plungers (new)
  • two IPA dip tanks
  • IPA spray bottle
  • various scrapers, combs, and a mesh strainer
  • some medium mesh cone strainers
  • like half a liter of white resin (GPWH04, November 2017)

I got this from my buddy back in 2017, who himself got it through the original Kickstarter campaign. We are both hobbyists that used it lightly.

I last printed with it in January of 2018. I had just cleaned the mirrors to address some rashing issues, and the print quality went way up. Shortly thereafter, my hobby time got directed elsewhere. It’s been sitting in a supply closet ever since.

Since the unit worked just fine before I put it in storage, I have strong reason to believe it’s fully functional to this day, but I’m not about to present it as such since I’m hoping to avoid setting it all up again.

Now for the catches:

  • local pickup only (I’m in the SF bay area’s peninsula)
  • the ball spring plungers are kinda sticky, so the resin tank can be finicky to get out. I hit up Formlabs about the issue back in 2017 and they sent me replacement plungers, which I haven’t found time to install but will be passing along here.
  • resin’s been sitting in the tank since December of 2017. I understand this isn’t ideal. For what it’s worth, the unit’s been tucked away from sunlight.

I’m listing this here for free with the hope that someone who knows what they’re doing turns up and it serves some purpose. Failing this I’ll head to Craigslist.

Please reply to this thread if interested. I’m hoping to make space sooner rather than later, so if this sees any response, I’ll prefer those who can commit to coming out sooner. I’m available as soon as this Wednesday, September 4.

Thanks @PumpMagic! I’ll take it if it’s still available. Sending you a DM now. Cheers.

Hi @PumpMagic ! If the Form 1+ is still available I’d graciously accept it. Would be an excellent addition for our school!

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