Form 1+ for sale $1500 - SF Bay Area


Selling a Form 1+ that I used to develop prototypes. The printer is incredibly stable and consistently makes great prints.

In addition to loads of extra trays (4 new and 7 used) and two build platforms, this printer also has a spare mirror and four (4) spare ball-spring plungers. Asking price is $1500 and I would strongly prefer local pick up in the SF Bay Area or, if not that, then shipping within the US.

Here’s the full list:

  • Form 1+ printer
  • Two (2) build platforms, one used for black and one for tough. Give them a good cleaning with alcohol if you need to repurpose for other resins.
  • Four new resin trays (three sealed and a fourth open but unused)
  • Seven used resin trays (five pictured, another is inside the printer and a seventh is out of frame.)
  • Spare mirror – this is the small rectangular mirror closest to the lasers.
  • Spare ball-spring plungers - I have four spares.
  • Finishing tray
  • Flush cutters
  • Original boxes

I don’t have the original rinse buckets. I found better products to do that job on Amazon.

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