Selling Form 1+, 5 trays, resin, cleaning station. $800 OBO, SF

Hello all!

This Form 1+ was used at a small startup for light prototyping for a couple of years. We upgraded to a Form 2, and this printer has been sitting in storage since before I joined in early 2018.

We’re rearranging the shop and it’s time for it to go. As far as I know it’s in good working order and ready to print. We were keeping it around as a backup, but I’ve never tried powering it on.

The bad news:
Everything sold as-is
It’s been in storage for a few years
I don’t know much about its history.

The good news:
Asking price is $800 obo
Comes with the printer, build platform, 5 trays, wash station, 3 full resin containers, and some partially full resin containers.
Currently located in San Francisco, in SOMA. Delivery or shipping negotiable.

Resins included:
Full Flexible
Full White
Full Clear
Partially Full Tough
Partially Full Gray
Partially Full Black

Comes with a tote bin for all of the resins and a cardboard box for the printer.

Dropping price to $800. Come and get it! :slight_smile:

Hi. Do you sell trays separatly

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