Form 1+ For Sale - With Issues - in San Francisco : $500, OBO

We are selling a used Form 1+ printer that has been used frequently for the past 2 years.
FULL DISCLOSURE: We were getting really nice parts out of it until a few months ago, when a coworker overflowed the tray and spilled some resin on the top and down into the housing. Since that happened, parts have been failing by only printing a base layer. I’m sure there is some cleaning/maintenance technique that someone with more time to invest could figure out. It may even need factory service.
Selling the printer AS-IS.

Included along with the printer:

  • 1 Build platform
  • Cleaning Station with 2 rinse buckets
  • Resin: 1/2 bottle of Black F100B, 3/4 Bottle of Black FLGPBK01, 3/4 bottle of Clear FLGPCL02, Full bottle of Flexible FLFLGR01
  • 1 Used resin tank
  • Power Supply
  • USB Cable

Most likely all you need to do is replace the main mirror. Really easy to do and you may want to snag one from FL before they discontinue them.

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