Form1+ For Sale w/ Loads of Resin, $1000

We’ve had our Form2 for a couple months now and are finally ready to let our Form1+ go. It was just our in-house prototyping printer, so it didn’t get run into the ground, and it comes with a ton of resin as well as all of the original accessories. The cleaning station and the tubs are a little sticky, but they can easily be cleaned up. We really just need the space this kit is taking up and want it to go to a good home. Below is a list of everything that’s included:

(1) Form1+ Printer (s/n WarmCattle) w/ Build Platform
(1) Power Adapter w/ AC Cable
(1) USB Cable
(1) Cleaning Station
(2) Snap-Lid Tubs
(1) Putty Knife
(1) Pair of Flush Cutters
(1) Part Basket
(1) Squeeze Bottle
(2) Bottles of White Resin
(1.5) Bottles of Grey Resin
(1) Bottle of Clear Resin
(1) Bottle of Tough Resin
There is also a partial bottle of black resin and a partial bottle of flexible resin included, though not much of each.

To be clear, there are no resin trays in this package, so if you want to be printing right away, you’ll have to order a couple from FormLabs.

$1000 for everything. First legitimate message gets it. We’re based in Los Angeles, California, so if you’re local you can come pick it up.

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The kit has sold. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.

Super interested
Ray 5412171882
I Live in LA as well

Would you be interested in doing some prints for me ?

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