Form 1+ for sale in UK, London

Hello everyone,

I am selling my excellent condition Formlabs Form 1+ 3D printer. Bought mid-August 2014, sent for warranty refurbishment in September, used until December and then it’s been sitting idle on the shelf.

It is in very good condition, works perfectly, warranty still covers it until August if any problems arise.

Form 1+ and loads of equipment included to get you started asap:

2 barely used platforms
2 barely used resin trays
4 bottles of resin (Grey v1 - 3/4 full, Grey v2 3/4 full, Black 2/3 full, and clear 1/4 full)
Everything you need to start printing! Starters kit, spatula, gloves, a UV light pen, pec pads for cleaning the delicate mirrors, Giotto duster for cleaning, 190 micron funnels to refill the resin bottles after use. Please note that all these are open and used.
Printer is in the original packaging

Please email me or check out the ebay listing:

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